In case you missed it, from the Home Office of Dickensian London, otherwise known as Rupert Arms,¬†here are the Top Ten Stories that FOX Business News debuted with today, which are not good for what “Ailes ya”:¬†

10. Illegal Immigrants Threaten to Steal All the Hedge Fund Manager Jobs

 9. Hillary Proposes to Socialize Social Security

 8. Capital Gains Taxes Most Benefit the Bottom One Per Cent of Wage Earners

 7. Thomas Friedman Endorses the Flat Tax in a Flat World

 6. Supply-Side Economics Cures Genital Warts

¬†5. The Millions of “Unemployed” During the Great Depression Were “Faking It”

 4. Majorities Favor Individual Savings Accounts to Re-Build Public Infrastructure

 3.  Studies Show That Slave Labor Builds Character, Strong Backs 

¬†2. Gore’s Jihad Against Global Warming Threatens Reagan’s End of the Cold War¬†¬†

 1. We Distort You Watch the Lies



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