What are the odds that the two most prominent femmes fatales of successive Administrations share the¬†same first name?¬† But wait, the parallels don’t stop there! It’s kinda’ like those spooky Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences. OK …¬†maybe not.¬† You make¬†the call:

10. Lewinsky is a Jew; Goodling hates Jews.

¬†9. Lewinsky blew Bubba; Goodling “serviced” Dubya.

¬†8. Lewinsky’s a brunette; Goodling ditches brunette to fit in with the “right-wing blondes.”

¬†7. Both love high-fashion headwear — Lewinsky¬†a beret;¬†Goodling¬†the Jesus crown of thorns.

 6. Lewinsky: indiscretions enabled a political prosecutor; Goodling: indiscretions disabled apolitical prosecutors.

¬†5. Lewinsky: comforted Bill.¬† Goodling: “comforted” by Alberto the Shill.

¬†4. Both avid readers — Lewinsky: Leaves of Grass;¬†Goodling: would stick a Bible up your ass.¬†

 3. Lewinsky: attended a real college, but no power as an intern.  Goodling: attended a fake law school, but makes and breaks careers at Justice.

 2. Lewinsky: Looking to party. Goodling: Looking to trash a Party.

¬†1. Both have¬†yelled out “JESUS” while in a kneeling position.



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