Although Saddam Hussein was hanged months ago, Vice President Cheney insisted today that the ex-Iraqi dictator was still actively plotting with Al Qaeda — more specifically, with the “equally dead”¬†Mohammed Atta and¬†Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

This follows on the heels of Demented Dick’s denial¬†of¬†a definitive Pentagon report that¬†debunks any link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda before the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Cheney, addressing the conservative Heritage Foundation, claimed¬†that “it’s been pretty well confirmed¬†that Saddam is currently consorting¬†with the renowned terrorists in hell.”¬†¬†

While Cheney refused to reveal his¬†sources, there’s widespread speculation that his special envoy to hell is¬†Ahmad Chalabi, who many believe is trying to “burn” the United States yet again.

Cheney further asserted that “Saddam is working with Atta and¬†Zarqawi on a program of WBF — Weapons of Balls of Fire — which could actually turn Baghdad into a living hell.”

Asked to comment,¬†Lucifer¬†himself stated that he had no knowledge of Cheney’s wild allegations,¬†but acknowledged that anything is possible: “After all,¬†Cheney and Bush are plotting to destroy the world, and¬†they’re both brain-dead.”



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