HOLY HABEAS CORPUS! Yes, it’s true, Virginia, Pat Robertson actually founded a law school, in Virginia, called Regent University.

To many people, this was perhaps the most stunning “revelation” to come out of news reports about Monica Goodling, the Alberto Gonzalez aide who intends to invoke the Fifth Amendment before Congress when called to testify about the fired federal prosecutors. Goodling received her law degree in 1999 from Regent, whose “mission,” Robertson claims, is “to produce Christian leaders who will make a difference, who will change the world.” Yeah, just like the Black Plague of the Middle Ages.

So here from the home office of the Garden of Eden, are the Top Ten course offerings of Pat Robertson’s “Christian Law School”:

10. Rules of Faith-Based Evidence — Getting God Past the “Hearsay Rule.”

9. Voiding Contracts With the Devil.

8. Constitutional Law: Amending the First Amendment to Combine Church and State.

7. Legal Aid: Pro Bono Representation of Stem Cells.

6. Criminal Law: Prosecuting Gays, Fornicators and Darwinists.

5. Land Use: Zoning to Convert Bars to Churches.

4. International Law: Legal Foundations for Resurrecting the Crusades.

3. Tax Law: Abolishing the Income Tax in Favor of Tithing.

2. Conflicts of Law: How the Bible Overrides Acts of Congress.

1. Civil Disobedience: Blockading Abortion Clinics.

And stay tuned for the movie about Regent Law School, called The Bible Chase, including the scene where a Professor tells a¬†law student who questions the existence of God: “Here’s a cell phone, call your mother, and tell her you’re going straight to hell.”










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