On the heels of its false accusation that Barack Obama attended an Islamist madrassa school as a youth, FOX News today asserted that Senator Obama is unfit to be President based on his radical education at … Harvard Law School.

As Sean Hannity stated, “it’s bad enough this guy took courses in constitutional law and ethics, but to do it in the hotbed of radicalism known as Cambridge, that just goes a little too far.”

When informed that such “conservative” Supreme Court Justices as¬†Scalia and Roberts¬†also attended Harvard Law, Hannity dismissed the comparison out-of-hand: “Those guys obviously didn’t go to class; instead, they listened to books-on-tape from The Federalist Society.”

Bill O’Reilly also jumped into the act, asserting in his No-Spin Zone that “terrorists are just licking their chops in anticipation of a President who understands the meaning of due process and habeas corpus.”

“And the worst thing is,” O’Reilly added, “Obama apparently also took a¬†course from some Native American professor at Harvard named Laurence Tribe — would you be surprised if Obama now gives the whole country back to the Indians?”

O’Reilly concluded that “Obama would’ve been¬†better off being educated¬†in a madrassa; at least there they believe in God.”



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