While Al Gore’s global warming movie,¬†An Inconvenient Truth,¬†has been nominated for an Oscar for¬†best documentary, it was¬†Bush and Cheney who made a clean sweep of¬†the glamour categories from¬†the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Bush and Cheney were nominated for Best Co-Directors of Iraq, A Fraudulent War, while both men also received nominations for their acting roles in the same production.

In somewhat of a “role reversal,” it was the Veep who received the nod for Best Actor, while Bush came away with the nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

For their work on A Fraudulent War, Bush and Cheney were also nominated in many other categories as well, including:

- Best Cinematography, for such photo-shoots as Bush on the aircraft carrier in front of The Mission Accomplished banner.

- Best Costume Design, for Bush’s flyboy outfit in the same aircraft carrier scene.

- Achievement in Makeup, for “making up” the existence of WMD.

- Best Foreign Long, for a pointless and counterproductive foreign adventure that has now lasted longer than WWII.

- Achievement in Film Editing, for completely editing out coverage of returning caskets and military funerals.

- Best Adapted Screenplay, for their conversion of a 1300-year tribal rivalry into a war between civilizations.

Vice President Cheney, whose reputation for micromangement and attention to detail is legendary, was also nominated for Best Key Grip, for his viselike grip on the heart and mind of the President.

In addition, Halliburton, Cheney’s old company, is expected to win the award for Bestand most – Original “Scores,” based on its scoring of obscene profits¬†from its scores of no-bid contracts in Iraq.

The Academy also plans to recognize Attorney General Alberto Gonzales with the prestigious John N. Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award For Trashing the Constitution.



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