By now, you’ve surely heard about the¬†leak of a 140-page secret dossier laying out Rudy Giuliani‚Äôs masterplan for a 2008 presidential bid, including aides‚Äô concerns about his chief vulnerabilities. But press reports have left out the most explosive revelations contained in this highly confidential document:¬†¬†

10. “Mr. 9/11″¬†sleeps with a Teddy Bear¬†given to him by Bernard Kerik.

¬† 9. Rudy’s biggest liability with evangelicals: perception of name as “Jew-liani.”¬†¬†

¬†8. Rudy’s biggest liability in¬†South: not abortion stand, but¬† NY Yankee logo tattooed on ass.

¬†7. Rudy’s biggest asset in¬†South: that his first wife was his cousin.

 6. More problems with cultural conservatives: When living with gay couple after being thrown out by Donna Hanover, it was Rudy who did the cooking.

¬†5. Rudy’s talking points to damage Mitt Romney: “I may have had three wives, but not at once.”

¬†4. Rudy’s game plan to mess with McCain’s head: pay off¬†hotels where¬†McCain stays to¬†rename¬†themselves Hanoi Hilton.

¬†3. Rudy’s back-up¬†plan to wreck¬†McCain’s campaign: Have NYC cops re-route McCain’s Straight Talk Express right into the heart of the West Village.

¬†2. NY City so unprepared for disasters that “America’s Mayor”¬†had to communicate with¬†Fire Chief on 9/11 with tin cans and string.

 1. Rudy forced to resign from Iraq Study Group after recommending that top priority should be ridding Baghdad of squeegee clerics.



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