Norm Jenson at One Good Move provides a fascinating video that highlights the hostility and discrimination faced by atheists in this country, and poses the hypothetical of what popular reaction would be if our currency stated that there was no God.

But maybe it’s just a matter of marketing; perhaps atheists would be better received if they called themselves The Church of Latter Day Ain’ts.

And how about the “Agnostics.” I guess they’re kind of like political Independents, remaining non-committal, and switching their allegiances, depending on whether they feel the need to pray when the “shit hits the fan.” In fact, I suspect this accurately describes many more people than would care to admit it:

Many Blue Staters

Are Not really Atheists

Just Agnostically inclined

They just can’t accept

God on faith

They’d like a letter notarized and signed

They’ve also got their own agenda

Including changing the money supply

They want each Dollar Bill to say:

“In God We Trust, But Verify”

[Reprinted from One State Two State Red State Blue State]