As Bush’s poll numbers continue their inexorable slide below the “Mendoza Line” of politics, established by Tricky Dick Nixon, it is inevitable that comparisons are drawn between each man’s character defects and Constitutional derelictions. Indeed, John Edwards is only the latest to join the growing chorus that Dubya’ is “worse than Nixon.” ¬†Here, then, from the home office of Allenwood Federal Prison, are the Top Ten Differences Between Nixon and Bush:

10. Nixon: Spied on DNC, and Daniel Ellsberg. Bush: Spied on New York, L.A. and Pittsburgh.

9. Nixon: Famously claimed, “I am not a crook.” Bush: Spoiled frat boy — is world’s biggest schnook.

8. Nixon: G. Gordon Liddy takes one for the team. Bush: I. Lewis Libby seeking someone to ream.

7. Nixon: Sleazy V.P., nailed for tax evasion. Bush: Sleazy V.P., skates despite Iraqi invasion.

6. Nixon: What did President know, and when did he know it?¬† Bush: Does President know shit? — since he sure doesn’t show it.

5. Nixon: Saturday Night Massacre — fired AGs, without any fear.¬† Bush: Saturday Night Massacre — done in by Colbert.

4. Nixon: Not all bad, created EPA.  Bush: One long nightmare, like Groundhog Day.

3. Nixon: Five o’clock shadow, wing-tips on the beach.¬† Bush: Gameboys at Summits, high school drop-out’s speech.

2. Nixon: Dirty tricks, by petty crooks.  Bush: Starting a war, by cooking the books.

1. Nixon: Win at all costs, shreds Constitution. Bush: See ya’ and raise ya’ — disproves evolution.


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